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WebP 101
Basic knowledge about WebP
Features of WebP
History of WebP
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Advantages of WebP
Disadvantages of WebP
Quality of WebP
Technology for WebP
Lossy and lossless compression of WebP
FAQs about WebP
What is WebP?
How to view WebP?
How can you convert a WebP image to an image in other formats?
Is there any free WebP converter you can use?
Techinical FAQs about WebP
What is an optimal quality value for WebP?
How can you upload a WebP image on websites?
What is the maximum resolution and color depth for WebP?
What should you remember when converting an image to a WebP image?

What is the maximum resolution and color depth for WebP?

What is the maximum size a WebP image can be?

A WebP image has a limit on its width and height. The maximum size of a WebP image is 16383 x 16383 pixels.

What is the maximum color depth for WebP?

The WebP format uses 8 bits for each of three color channels (Red, Green, and Blue) and therefore the format can display 16,777,216 different colors at a time. The format also uses 8 bits for alpha channel and supports 0~255 levels of opacity.

Does WebP support progressive or interlaced display?

Saving a WebP file with lossy compression uses YUV color space and it makes a difference in image quality between the WebP result and the original image.

The WebP format is designed not to put too much pressure on the CPU and memory, and does not support progressive or interlaced display unlike the JPG format does.