1. Extract Here (Smart)
  2. Unicode filenames in ZIP format
  3. ZIPX archive format
  4. 7z archive format
  5. Fast Drag and Drop
  6. Compression on Multi-core Computer
  7. High-speed Archiving
  8. Encryption of filenames in archives
  9. Move files to Recycle Bin when deleting
  10. Data corruption and Safe backup
  11. Archive Test
  12. Update types
  13. Command Line Parameters
  14. Bandizip Setup Command Line Parameters
  15. Copy Zone.Identifier information of an archive downloaded from the Internet during extraction
  16. Bandizip on Windows 10 on ARM


  1. Codepage auto-detection doesn’t work correctly.
  2. Bandizip opens archive files automatically when I download them on the browser.
  3. An icon for archives doesn’t appear properly in the File Explorer.