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ZIPX archive format

ZIPX format was developed by Winzip Computing, the creator of Winzip, to use advanced modern compression algorithms and some weird algorithms in ZIP.

You can learn more about ZIPX here: http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/7/

Pros of ZIPX

  • ZIPX uses LZMA, XZ, WinzipJpeg, and WavPack compression algorithms to increase the compression ratio. However, Bandizip supports only XZ algorithm when compressing.
  • ZIPX format also includes all modern features of ZIP format; such as ZIP64, Unicode filename, Aes encryption, and so on.

Cons of ZIPX

  • Most of the main-stream archivers do not support the ZIPX extension.
  • ZIPX compression is much slower than ZIP.

How to compress ZIPX using Bandizip

In the New Archive dialog box, you can select ZIPX and compress as follows.