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How to open a haozip01.zip file
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How to open a haozip01.zip file

Usually, split-compression in ZIP format creates z01, z02, ..., and zip files.

If you use HaoZip with "生成论坛专用分卷" enabled to perform split-compression, however, it will create haozip01.zip, haozip02.zip, ..., and so on.

This feature of the program is meant to allow its users to upload a split archive to websites compatible only with ZIP or 7Z files.

Likewise, 7Z split-compression with the feature creates haozip01.7z, haozip02.7z, ..., and so on.

The haozip01.zip (or haozip01.7z) file is the first part of a ZIP (7Z) split archive. Like usual split archives, opening only the first one and decompressing it automatically extracts the original data from the whole archive.

Bandizip allows you to open and decompress a split archive created with HaoZip.

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