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How to insert/edit/animate speech bubbles

Honeycam provides you with a quick and easy way to insert/edit speech bubbles and add animation effects on speech bubbles.

How to insert a speech bubble

You can insert speech bubbles in a variety of shapes and styles on your animated files.

Enter text

Click the T button above the text to enter the text you want.

Select, move, rotate, and delete a speech bubble

Move texts only in a speech bubble

Click the chain-shaped icon to disable the link between the speech bubble and its text. You can move texts only in a speech bubble.
Click the chain icon again to enable the link. The speech bubble and its text move together again.

Toggle between selecting speech bubble and text

When the text is selected, click the text again to select the speech bubble instead.

Change speech bubble's shape

If there is no speech bubble in the shape you like, transform the provided speech bubbles to your satisfaction.

You can edit the text of your speech bubble in the same way described in the following link.